Costumes are models you can purchase for Horn to use. Most, if not all, provide bonuses, but you need to have a specific weapon equipped with the costume.

  1. Cuthbert Horn
  2. Assassin Horn
  3. Pegasus Horn
  4. Woodland Thief Horn
  5. Crusader Horn
  6. Robin Horn
  7. Red Templar Horn
  8. Paladin Horn
  9. Shadow Horn
  10. Python Knight Horn
  11. Dragon Horn
  12. Horn in Blue (I got this costume after dying on "‎The Sand Temples: Sleeping Giants" and returned to Suddene)
  13. Horn in Green (after traveling back from Suddene to Cuthbert)
  14. Horn in White - Beat the game.
  15.  ?
  16. Iron Force Horn
  17. Future Soldier Horn
  18. Trooper Horn
  19. Storm Guard Horn
  20. Ultra Force Horn