Kimquat Edit

Location: The Sand Temples: Secrets in the Sand - in the big cave with the coin puzzle, at a broken stone pillar near top of the stairs to one of the coin pieces, looks like a Journal Page, not like a Pygoid
Likes: Grass
Dislikes: Orange Juice

Beely Edit

Location: ??? Somewhere in Westernesse
Likes: Molten Ore
Dislikes: Peeled Potatoes

Davlid Edit

Location: The Armory: Into the Ruins - right after the start, jump down to the left, he is sitting infront of the crouch zone
Likes: Proper Writing Technique
Dislikes: People who are always late

Billiam Edit

Location: The Outpost: Demolition - after opening a gate with the lever next to it, jumping over the gap and fighting a blue Pygon, jump down to the left where you need the Gauntlet to get back up
Likes: Historical Drama
Dislikes: Thick Lenses

Pykel Edit

Location: ???
Likes: Things that don't smell like they look like they should smell
Dislikes: Trees that are missing patches of bark

Derm Edit

Location: The Armory: No Blade Sharper - in the area with the three lock door, climb up to the left lever, at the left side of the balcony
Likes: Medicine
Dislikes: Caterwauling

Borig Edit

Location: Mariner's Isle - after picking a challange, turn left
Likes: Rainy Mornings
Dislikes: Dirty Dishes

Chimey Edit

Location: The Lighthouse: Lighting the Way - in the area with the bridge and the rune puzzle, at the first rune behind the amplifier
Likes: Sitting on top of peoples' heads
Dislikes: Closets

Tagger Edit

Location: Cuthbert Colossus - after entering the boss area, straight ahead
Likes: Long tree branches
Dislikes: Inherited wealth

Kreapple Edit

Location: The Lighthouse: Free the two Chelonia - in the corner across from a crouch zone where a horn for the Song of Summoning is
Likes: Woven mats
Dislikes: Brown chicken eggs

Tame-tame Edit

Location: ??? Somewhere in Westernesse
Likes: Bathing in soup
Dislikes: Stories about caves

Radnom Edit

Location: The Magic Forest - after picking the challenge, turn around and look to the left
Likes: Room-temperature tea
Dislikes: Holes that are slightly too small for her hide in

Kravy Edit

Location: ??? Somewhere in Westernesse
Likes: Gold Coins
Dislikes: Others Pygon

Timmim Edit

Location: The Armory: Into the Ruins - in the Area whose Exit opens by igniting the hanging Lantern, defeat the Pygon in the lower Room. At the lower left of the following Room
Likes: Wizard battles
Dislikes: Stampeding livestock

Ze-o-ea Edit

Location: The Outpost: Playing with Fire - its part of the story you can't miss it
Likes: Newly announced holidays
Dislikes: Cured Meats

Qqa Edit

Location: The Leviathan of Suddene - after entering the inner, lower level of the leviathan turn around immediately
Likes: Falling from great heights
Dislikes: The laughter of innocent children

 ??? Edit

Location: ???
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???

Blendima Edit

Location: ??? Somewhere in Westernesse
Likes: Funeral Music
Dislikes: Oligarchy